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Co-CEO of Lilieo

Amad Samara

Amad Samara is the co-owner of Reveal Digital Marketing alongside his brother Deen Samara. After landing hundreds of marketing clients, the most common issue amongst the business owners was fake reviews from competitors. Amad and Deen both put the issue to the side, not really finding a solution until it really affected their lives one day.

Amad Samara's wife, Jamila, purchased a vehicle from a dealership with "supposed" warranty only for the car to break down a few miles after departing from the dealership leaving her and her newborn daughter stranded on a busy highway. When Amad asked Jamila how she found the dealership, she replied and said "I found them online and saw over 500 5-star reviews assuming they were the best around." When Amad looked further into the reviews, he found out every single one of them were fake and the dealership had just opened up less than 2 weeks from the time she purchased the vehicle.

This triggered Amad and Deen forcing them to create a solution that not only benefited them personally but all of their marketing clients as well, giving birth to the idea of Lilieo. A way to hold business owners accountable in a fashion that has never been done before. On a more positive note, Lilieo gives business owners a great sense of appreciation from happy customers and gives the business owners the opportunity to post an introduction video to give an authentic feel to as what the business is actually like. Leaving no more guessing to customers whether they want to visit the business or not.

Values We Live By


Collaborations with Honest Business Owners + Real Users

As you may know, feedback is extremely important and when a user leaves their honest, real review about a business, it will give the business owner a stronger sense of appreciation that any text or photo review can do.


Passionate About Success For Business Owners

Since nothing we do involves robots or automatic review approvals, we get to have a personal connection with every review made on Lilieo.


Constantly Improving

As we move forward, we are always on the search and open-minded to edits or additions needed. With your help we truly believe we can perfect the video review platform that every user deserves to have.

A Few Examples of Intro Videos for Listings

Play Video
Play Video


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