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Welcome To Lilieo

Now introducing the first ever video only review video only review platform

We offer you a unique way to show appreciation to local business owners and also keep them accountable through video form which expresses the feelings and emotions way more than a simple written or photo review.

Install Lilieo here:

How to Use

Step 1

Sign up or log in.

Step 2

Search for the business you’re looking for, if you can’t find it, help us out by letting the business owners know to create a listing so other customers like you can find them here.

Step 3

Click the business listing and unmute the video to hear what the business owner has to say to you!

Step 4

Click on “Leave a Lilieo Review” -> tap “new video” -> press and hold to take your video, add your stars, and hit Submit!

Play Video

About The Company

We actually began as a digital marketing agency and still have hundreds of clients to this day who we help manage their business listings and get the exposure deserved from online traffic. The number one issue that our company noticed was fake and unethical reviews hurting the business owners profits every single month. Once the solution became clear, Lilieo was born. Our main focus is to deter fake reviews and make authenticity the focus again on businesses. We hope you get the best use of this app and always remember your friends here at Lilieo will answer any questions or concerns you may have. Reach out to us directly at!

Frequently Asked Questions for Users

We got the name Lilieo from what our app revolves around: little videos!

No, you won’t need an account to use Lilieo but it would help for you to leave video reviews for business owners. 

While we attempt to only allow one review per business, we do understand that each business can sell multiple products/services which would make you want to leave several reviews, so as long as your review is not for the same product/service, then yes we will allow it to stay on the platform.

To create an account, simply click the bottom right corner where it says “More,” you will then have a tab pop up and from there you can click “Sign up or Login” and fill out all the necessary information to get started! 

To record a video, all you have to do is press and hold the button on the record page until you are done! 

Help us get the message across to the business owner that if they have an introduction video, it’ll attract higher quality and more customers for their business.

Frequently Asked Questions for Business Owners

If you believe someone leaves a fake Lilieo review on yours or any other listings, you can contact us directly at and we will re-asses why we allowed it to be posted in the first place. Please include the date and the name of the person who left the review so we can look into it and make sure they aren’t doing it to anyone else either, thank you for helping! 

Yes, if you have multiple businesses you can create a business listing for each and every one of them! 

To create a business listing, click the bottom right button “More,” then click “Register your Business,” from there, you will then be directed to our following page where you fill out all the necessary information about your business, you get to also post your introduction video in there! Once complete, simply click “save” and your business listing will be sent to us to get approved! 

Each introduction video length is no longer than 30 seconds.